D-Foam Hydrotherapy Additive controls excessive hydrotherapy foaming. Major causes of excessive foaming are hydrotherapy additives for infection control, such as Betadine Whirlpool Concentrate and similiar products. Additional causes are soaps, detergents, dressings such as Sulfamylon Cream, Silver Sulfadiazine Cream, or Betadine Ointment. D-FOAM HYDROTHERAPY ADDITIVE IS EFFECTIVE AGAINST ALL OF THESE FOAMING AGENTS.

Visualize the dramatic action of D-Foam Hydrotherapy Additive. Add a foaming agent (detergent, soap, etc.) to a whirlpool bath; turn on the agitator. When the foam builds, add a few cc's of D-FOAM. Almost instantly, the foam is gone. D-FOAM Hydrotherapy Additive is most effective when it is added prior to the foam build-up (less is needed); however, satisfactory results are obtained when added after excessive foaming forms.


(Hydrotherapy) Fights foam fast

A few CC added prior or during treatment will effectively control or eliminate foaming.
Safe. Non-toxic. Non-irritating.
Compatible with other Hydrotherapy additives.
Fight foam fast
16 FL oz Bottle
Gallon with dispenser


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