Lean On Me

Stabilizer Cane and Crutch Tip

Patented pivot design creates a gripping action at the base of the cane or crutch at all normal angles.
Easy to use, provides stability on wet or dry surfaces, stairs or inclines.
Non-suction base replaces four point cane with flexibility and better support.
Also great for warming Spraytrode, Electromist, Preptrode and lotions.
3/4 in. Shaft
7/8 in. Shaft
1 in. Shaft


When a patient is immobilized by an injury or illness, walking with confidence is important. LEAN ON ME stabilizer cane and crutch tip has been designed for greater safety and stability.

The unique design of LEAN ON ME offeres extra support with flexibility not found in conventional aids of the four point design. LEAN ON ME has a greater surface contact than four point bases. This allows it to grip on steps and inclines, providing the user with extra safety and assurance.

LEAN ON ME is effective on snow and ice, yet will not mar or slip on hard surfaces.

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