Product Line

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  • Reflective-logo
    Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc
  • Ultraphonicfree
  • LectronII
    Multi-purpose electrode conductivity gel
  • Ultra Warmer
    Ultra convenient gel warmer and bottle stand
  • Aftertens
    Moisturizes tender areas and soothes TENS sensitive skin.
  • Sg
    Low Viscosity (Ultrasound) Scanning Gel
  • White
    Conductivity Lotion with Aloe Vera
  • Other-sonic
    The Generic equilvalent of the expensive blue gel
  • Electromist
    Electrolyte spray for muscle stimulation
  • Gammagel
    Combines the advantages of both oils and lotions in a non-greasy Non-staining, water soluble lubricating gel
  • Pre-tac
    TENS conductive skin preparation (for stimulating electrodes)
  • Dfoam
    For Hydrotherapy: Fight foam fast
  • Tacgel
    A unique, water soluble, non-staining, electrically conductive adhesive.
  • Photon
    Transmitting Gel for Laser and Pulsed Light
  • Preptrode
    Gentle Conductive Electrode Skin Preparation
  • Prepstay
    Anti-Diaphoric Skin Preparation Non-Sticky Adhesive Synergist for Monitoring Electrodes
  • Spraytrode1
    Conductive ECG Spray
  • Res-Off
    Adhesive Residue Remover
  • Leanonme
    Stabilizer Cane and Crutch Tip